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  1. I know nothing about Mr. Black but _____ he is a doctor from America.

  A. how B. when C. that D. why

  2. At first he decided to go abroad but then decided to stay a few weeks to see _____ he could find a good job.

  A. if B. that C. why D. when

  3. _____ you think wrong may be right in the others?eyes.

  A. What. B. How C. Whether D. That

  4. 梂ould you please tell me _____ I can get the ticket for tomorrow抯 movie?

  W—By calling the ticket office.

  A. where B. how C. when D. whether

  5. What makes the difference when we are faced with challenges is, I think, _____ we should believe in our courage.

  A. what B. which C. when D. that

  6. DIY books are of great help to _____ may choose to do things themselves.

  A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever

  7. I am still kept in the dark as to _____.

  A. when will the birthday party be held B. whether will they hold the party

  C. when the party will be held on time D. where they will hold the party

  8. He hasn’t made it clear _____ he will go to Shanghai by plane.

  A. what B. whether C. how D. which

  9. _____ is of great importance now, my teacher often reminds me, is study.

  A. It B. As C. What D. Which

  10. _____ can get an apple if he finishes his work on time.

  A. Anyone B. Anyone who C. Whoever D. No matter who

  11. ?Have you finished reading the nov.el?

  — No. I’ve read up to _____ Robinson Crusoe builds a house on the island.

  A. which B. what C. that D. where

  12. At first, we arrived at _____ the local people called guaipo.

  A. that B. what C. where D. when

  13. It抯 amazing! _____ is it that has made her _____ she is today?

  A. Why; that B. What; that C. What; what D. When; how

  1c4. ?What made you so angry with Tommy?

  ?The way he treats his father is _____ annoys me most.

  A. what B. how D. C. that D. why

  15. Jim was about to give up when an idea occurred to him _____ he could work with Jack for the project.

  A. what B. because C. that D. whether

  16. It is _____ her father didn抰 keep his promise, I guess, _____ made her angry.

  A. what; that B. that; that C. which; which D. that; which

  s17. — I wonder _____ you call your parents.

  ?Twice a week.

  A. how often B. how long C. how soon D. how much

  18. ?How about seeing a film this evening, just for a change?

  ?OK, _____ you want.

  . A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whoever

  19. The fact has upset most of the parents _____ their kids spend too much time on computer games.

  A. when B. that C. who D. whether

  20. One seemingly simple solution is to move water from _____ it is abundant to dry areas.

  A. how B. whom C. where D. which

  21. _____ team wins on Friday will compete in the 2016 Olympic Games.

  A. No matter what B. No matter which C. Whatever D. Whichever

  22. Is it in this classroom _____ we will have an exam?

  A. by which B. that C. which D. what

  23. _____ surprises us most that she doesn’t even know where the difference lies.

  A. What B. As C. It D. That

  24. —John told me Lily was fined for speeding.

  —_____ he said is none of my business.

  A. Who B. Whatever C. Which D. No matter what

  25. Courage is a kind of quality, which is _____ it takes to get you out of trouble.

  A. what B. why C. when D. how


  1. C。that在此处作连词,引导宾语从句。

  2. A。根据句意可知,他留下来是想看是否能找到好工作。因此用if表示“是否”。

  3. A。what引导主语从句并且在从句作think的宾语;that和whether在从句中不作成分,how在从句中作状语。

  4. B。 根据对方的答语By calling the ticket office可知,问话者是在询问获得明天票的方式,所以应该选择B项。

  5. D。that引导表语从句,在从句中不作成分。I think在句中为插入语。

  6. C。whoever引导宾语从句,作介词to的宾语。whoever=anyone who。此题很容易错选B或D项,认为to后面应该接宾格形式,实际上介词to后面接了一个宾语从句,whoever在从句中作主语。

  7. D。名词性从句一般应该用陈述语序。句意:关于他们将在哪里举行晚会,我还一无所知。

  8. B。whether意为“是否”, 在句中引导宾语从句(it为形式宾语)。how与by plane重复。

  9. C。what引导主语从句并且在从句作主语。my teacher often reminds me为插入语。

  10. A。此题很容易误选其他选项,认为是考查从句。句中Anyone为主语,if引导条件状语从句。该句可改为:Anyone who/Whoever finishes his work on time can get an apple。

  11. D。to后接宾语从句。句意表示“我读到了鲁宾逊在岛上建了一所房子”,故用where引导宾语从句,表示阅读的进度。

  12. B。at后面接一个由what引导的宾语从句,what作call的宾语。

  13. C。第一空考查强调句的特殊疑问形式,what引导特殊疑问句,对强调部分进行提问。第二空what引导从句并且在从句中作表语。

  14. A。what引导表语从句并且在从句中作主语。how或why在从句中不能作主语,that引导表语从句在从句中不作成分。

  15. C。that引导同位语从句,具体说明idea的内容。what引导名词性从句在从句中作一定的成分,但是此句从句不缺成分。an idea occurred to sb that... 某人突然想到……。

  16. B。本句属于强调句型,对于主语部分(第一个that引导的从句)进行强调,因为主语从句不缺成分,所以不能用what或which引导。第二个空是it is…that的强调句型结构。

  17. A。how often在句中引导宾语从句,作wonder的宾语。根据答句内容可知, 问的是频率,因此应该用how often。

  18. C。句意:——今晚看场电影怎么样?来点新鲜的。——好啊,按你的意思吧! 根据语境分析出后者支持前面的提出的观点。whatever在句中作want的宾语。

  19. B。考查同位语从句。学生花太多的时间玩电脑游戏是一个事实,所以不能选择whether,whether表示“有疑问、不确定”的概念。that引导同位语从句并且在从句中不充当任何成分。句意:学生花太多的时间玩电脑游戏,这个事实让大部分家长感到不安。

  20. C。where引导宾语从句作介词from的宾语。句意:一个看似简单的办法是把水从水量充沛的地方运至干旱地区。

  21. D。根据句意可知,应该用whichever表示一定范围之中的任何一个。句意:在星期五获胜的任何一队将会参加2016年奥运会。

  22. B。这是一个it is…that的强调句型结构。与it作形式主语情况不同的是,将it is…that这个强调句型结构去掉后,句子不缺成分,即In this classroom we will have an exam。

  23. C。句中it作形式主语, that she doesn’t even know where the difference lies为真正的主语。如果选What,则that前面应加上is。

  24. B。答语句意:他说什么都和我没有关系。句中Whatever相当于Anything that,引导主语从句。no matter what…只能引导状语从句。

  25. A。what引导表语从句并且在从句中作take的宾语。句意:勇气是一种品质,是你摆脱困境时所需要的。





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